There’s this old phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Unfortunately, a student learned this important lesson after his now ex-girlfriend found he had cheated on her. In a wonderfully shiny act of revenge, she glitterbombed his university dormitory room and posted the evidence of this glorious deed on tumblr and Facebook (now deleted).

In case you do not want to read the entire tumblr post. Here’s our tl;dr version…

She’s been going out with him for 3 months and been financially and “physically” supporting him. She began to suspect she was cheating on him while on holiday with him in Hat Yai, Thailand. She eventually stole a peek into his messages while he was drunk and discovered his affair with another girl. He obviously denied with various ridiculous excuses. She then hatched a plan and glitterbombed his University dorm room.

And the end result of all her hardwork?


I’m gonna bet her ex-boyfriend won’t be cheating on anyone else for a while…