Today, Singapore Press Holdings filed a lawsuit against Yang Kaiheng and Ai Takagi, affectionately known as the TRS couple. The couple were served outside the State Courts while on their way for a pre-trial conference. Probably a good surprise for them. According to Channel NewsAsia, they “brushed by” and did not accept the papers. Obviously, their nonchalance shouldn’t be unexpected since they couldn’t even be bothered by copyright laws.

The couple are being sued for infringing SPH’s copyright in reproducing or substantially reproducing SPH’s content without any licence or authorisation from the company. According to The Straits Times, the company is looking for a declaration that the couple infringed its copyright, an injunction to restrain them, damages or an account or profits they earned and payment for all sums found due.

If MSM is so bad, then why are they copying from ST?

One wonders why TRS chooses to copy articles off Straits Times and the mainstream media if they were really so bad. Usually, logic is that if you think something is bad, you ought to try to do something different and better rather than passing off it as your own.

Top picture attributed to Straits Times (yes, they have great pictures too)