After a few months of going back and forth about the handling of public monies in Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council, more has come to light about the exchanges between the Ministry of National Development and the town council.

Curiously, MND has stated that they were always willing to provide half of the S&CC grant to AHPETC to ensure the town council is able to run well. However, AHPETC did not respond. Similarly, when MND offered to release the entire grant in exchange for having Independent Accountants appointed to the Town Council to safeguard public funds, it was also similarly rejected.

The question here revolves around why AHPETC did not want to take up either option and instead chose to end up in a state close to insolvency. This is but one of the questions that should be looked at when judging the WP’s ability to run the Town Council. Afterall, one can easily blame MND for withholding the grants but who should be at fault if the grants offered are not taken, especially since we know they’d be insolvent without it.

Here’s a quick timeline on how AHPETC may have just brought insolvency on themselves.

AHPETC grants timeline -final