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 Amos Yee Vigil

Vigil comes from the latin word, vigilia meaning wakefulness or an observance.

Yesterday, about 50 individuals turned up at Hong Lim Park (where else right?)  to attend an Amos Yee Vigil to show their solidarity before he is being sentenced.

Freedom of free speech they say.

Christians forgive Amos and the PAP should too they echoed.

“Its all a set-up and Amos Yee is innocent” was the general sentiment at the Vigil

There is a general romantic sentiment for martyrs and for those who stood up for their beliefs. Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara and Mahatma Ghandi are just but a few names.  They win hearts and light the fire in your bellies to stand up for the cause and make a stand, even when the odds are not in your favour.

show of support at the vigil

    Supporters writing on cards to show their at the vigil

show of support at the vigil

Show of support at the vigil

Amos Yee is far from a Martyr.

He is just an articulate 16 year old boy who despite his diverse vocabulary chose profanities to insult a religion. Why don’t you try changing the religion that he insulted; Christianity into Islam, Hinduism or even Buddhism.

Will it not rile up these groups of people and spark an outcry?

About 50 people thought Amos Yee was their martyr yesterday. 50 including Mr Roy Ngerng


They say it’s a freedom of speech issue. They cited the shutting down of TRS as examples of PAP draconian measures to curb Singaporeans freedom. They cited Charlie Hebdo as a case of free speech. They forgot people were murdered in cold blood in the Charlie Hebdo incident.

They forgot that freedom is their ability to safely walk at night without being targeted for being a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu or a Buddhist.

Amos is no martyr. He never stood up for anything other than bad language.

We should stop imagining things.