The two-day trial of Amos Yee (also known as Famous Amos) began today, with Mr Yee obviously pleading not guilty to both charges. The first day ended swiftly with Yee’s lawyers requesting an adjournment as they need more time to look through the evidence.  The trial will resume tomorrow.

After the session, Yee’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell spoke to reporters stating that Yee was in the “highest spirits” and was very happy with the conduct of the case and felt confident about it. Of note, court documents revealed much about Yee and how he came to filming his video of March 27th.

1) His ideas were shaped by meetups with members from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

It was revealed that Amos’s views were to some degree shaped by meetings with members of Singapore’s bastion of all truths and transparency, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). In addition, he was also introduced to Mr Roy Ngerng’s blog by an SDP member, with Yee stating that he was convinced by Ngerng’s writings.

2) He knew his posts and videos were offensive

Court documents also revealed Amos knew that the contents of his posts and videos could be offensive but still decided to post them. He stated that he knew there were people who were offended by his video and expected people to take offence.

3) His mother told him not to post the video

It was also mentioned that Amos’s mother had advised him not to upload the March 27th video but he chose to disagree with her and posted it.

The case will resume on Friday 8th May. And we await the sensational accounts of Amos’s heroism over the next few days. Afterall, as Mr Tiger Woods once said “Sensationalism sells: Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.”