In this day and age, not many people know the names of their neighbours. Because of our hectic working schedules, we hardly spend time at home and when we are, we usually close our door to savour the remains of our private time.

Getting to know your neighbour well can both be a blessing or a bane. Good neighbours will make you feel at home and part of the community and may even invite you to their homes to share a meal to know the other family members.

On the other hand, there are also neighbours that make your daily existence a living hell. They are inconsiderate and selfish.  They could be singing Karoake every night at the top of their lungs to the Forzen “Let it go”. The most common gripes are common corridor obstructions and verbal quarrels and noise. (link source)

We can choose our friends but not our neighbours.

Thankfully, there are now avenues where you can seek help if you cannot resolve the dispute amicably.


Info-graphic by AsiaOne

The HDB will get Grassroot leaders to help and mediate and get the disputing neighbours to talk to each other. In addition there is also the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunal (ready by second half of this year). This tribunal will be able to order mandatory mediation and issue orders for parties to stop the disturbance or pay damages.

The main objective is to try and resolve the dispute in a manner that preserves neighbourly relations. “When there’s no talking, the resentment builds up “ said Tampines MP Baey Yam Keng

You shall love your neighbor as yourself

Source: The Straits Times (7 May 2015)