Today I learned from an internet forum that people who worked 11 hours or more a day were 67% more likely to have a heart attack or die of one compared to people who worked the standard seven or eight-hour days.

The study was done with more than 7,000 British civil service workers aged 39 to 62 and none of them had heart disease at the start. They were screened every 5 years until 2004 and  by the end of the study, 29 had died from heart disease and 163 had had heart attacks.

The study mentioned that ELEVEN hours appears to be the key mark. Those working up to 10 hours were not at singificantly higher risk of heart disease than those who worked less but once they crossed the 11 hours mark, the risk of heart disease increased significantly.

Don’t work too hard

So everyone, don’t work too hard. Remember to relax and take a holiday (preferably somewhere further than Malaysia) and relax cause life is too short.. enjoy it.