Black sheep. This term always has a more negative connotation, we call rebellious kids who squander their inheritance away or do outrageous stuff the “black sheep” of the family.

But there’s always something cool about the black sheep. They are cool, gutsy, willing to challenge the norms and defy the ordinary. They are the ones who dare to stand up for something distinctly different and be proud that they are just that – different. If done right, they are the ones who achieve real change because they challenge the boundaries and bring forth new perspectives.

But when the black sheep are really bad and leave nasty trails of dirt and grime, they cast an *ahem* black light on those who have been trying to make a difference and cause us to doubt the entire group of them.

Recent incidents with TRS and WP are as such – the black sheep that failed to deliver and causing doubt on the whole idea of a “successful alternative”.

TRS – what began as an alternative voice for people and an alternative source of news became one that stir more discord and threaten the fragile nature of our society. Come on, you can stand up for something different but you must be responsible for what you say lah. TRS in its pursuit of ad revenue sensationalise news for their benefit rather than the people’s welfare. I’m ashamed to say that I’m actually one of the faithful readers of them but this incident has led me to the question of what kind of alternative media we truly want. Do we want an alternative media that just say anything for the sake of being different, or one that provides proper second and third perspectives?

WP – I’m a WP supporter and at first, I was very upset with how the PAP is playing this mistake to its advantage in light of the upcoming elections. But as I continue to follow the case, more questions and doubts arise. Where is the money? Why take so long to fill up the sinking funds? Where are the proper accounting records? I can’t help but question the ability of not just WP, but the whole opposition on their ability to govern and take care of residents. If they are unable to take care of a GRC’s money, how are they able to manage the entire budget of the country? I used to think that the Opposition can take over the gahmen or at least form a coalition of sorts, but perhaps, they are still…. not ready. Sigh, will they ever be?

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Can you be more cool?