Two weeks ago, SMRT announced it’s “agreement with OMGTEL to work exclusively with OMG in connection with OMG’s bid for Singapore’s fourth wireless telecommunications carrier license”.


Obviously they didn’t read about Virgin Mobile’s experience after their exit from the Singapore market back in 2002. For anyone interested, you can find Virgin’s assessment of the Singapore market on Slideshare.


SMRT initial announcement was quickly derailed after people started asking – shouldn’t you concentrate on getting your train services back on track instead?

Today, they issued their waffly response.

“We have no intention of becoming the fourth telco here”

and that

Their investment is not “a big leap” as many would believe, as the company has already been supporting telcos in several areas, and there is synergy between both parties.

So SMRT is supporting up to $34.5M in OMGTEL but has no intention of becoming the fourth telco here.


Of course SMRT, would have natural synergies with a Telco. Haven’t you seen their WiFi and mobile charging stations?

Image Credit: SMRT Facebook

Image Credit: SMRT Facebook

Thank you SMRT. For always getting things right.