(Image by Mothership)

It has been 4 hours after TRS had been ordered to shut down all its operations. My Facebook never felt cleaner, purged of animosity and enmity.


No longer can people share their xenophobic posts and make it seem that we are all against one another. Stepping on each other’s heads and deliberately making all other people lives miserable. No longer do I have to keep constantly tell people that “Hey this is not true, the article is super biased because . . .”

As I scroll down my Facebook feed, I saw pictures of the glorious food that my friends had that day, some selfie moments that made me wish I was there with them and lots and lots of heartfelt thoughts and messages about their everyday moments.

I felt good and happy, that my friends were generally doing well and that Singaporeans are fortunate to enjoy life as it is despite the many complains that we hear from time to time (e.g. congestion, train break down, etc). I felt good reading Facebook articles again; no matter how critical they are of the government and the world because they do not incite disharmony and malevolence.

The dark cesspool of lies, hatred, Singapore vs foreigners and rage is no more. The government finally pulled the plug on The Real Singapore. TRS is not the only site that I was against.  I was against STOMP too when they started fabricating stories to gain traction (e.g. I remember a period where they deliberately cropped pictures to show that NSFs in uniforms were taking all the seats in SMRT trains. The nerve!) STOMP has subsequently been punished and will be punished again if they are found fabricating stories.

I am all for the freedom of free speech and the constructive sharing of opinions. Maliciously crafted lies however, have no place in Singapore and this includes her online spaces.

For what its worth, TRS could have been so much more. It could have been used to unite Singaporeans with constructive dialogue, initiating change in the government policies and standing up for the average Singaporeans. Instead, it chose to use vicious articles as its selling point, thereby creating tension among ourselves.

Our pioneers have sacrificed too much sweat, blood and tears to bring Singapore to where she is today – a prosperous multi-racial cosmopolitan city. It will not be undone by the constant heckling of animosity between Singaporeans.

bye1Our future generation was at risk thinking that TRS was a legitimate news site. Imagine the horror if they grew up thinking that all foreigners are against them.