For reasons unknown, an unidentified man today walked up to Amos Yee, and slapped him with the might of a good table tennis forehand. Amos, the latest patron saint of Singapore’s Freedom of Online Expression, received the slap in it’s full glory. Like his stance on Lee Kuan Yew, Christianity and the Law, he continued his progress forwards.

His protectors, TRS, Roy, Han Hui Hui, and Kenneth Jeyaratnam quickly came out to defend him even as Vincent Law fell wayside to discharge himself from his duties. Words like ‘state-sponsored violence’ were used to demonstrate how Singaporeans were oppressed.

We don’t know if the unidentified man decided to slap Amos because of Yee’s morning post on “My Abusive Father” or if Amos and friends were walking into the slap but let’s look at four other famous Singaporean slaps from the recent years.

#2 The “I’m the boss” Slap

A boss at a software firm had to apologize after slapping his 29 year intern. He was also sued for $100,000 in lost wages.

Slap-rating: Pretty Petty.

#3 The “Maids Vs Mothers” Slap 

A maid was jailed for three months for slapping her employer’s 16 month old daughter. She was caught on CCTV for slapping the child on both cheeks while strapped on high chair.

Slap-rating: Obscene

#4 The Mother’s “You want to become construction worker or cleaner next time is it?!” Slap


Apparently, a mother slapped her difficult pre-school son so hard he was flung to the ground.

Slap-rating: Asian Mother

#5 The Shoe Slap 

Probably the fiercest slap of all. This spawned online attention and response that could rival Amos today. Even Burger King parodied the slap in their advertisement. Singaporean men were glad not to be him.

Slap-rating: Emasculating