The video ‘Mums Vs Maids’ has been making its rounds since last week and has obviously divided opinion. The video pits mothers against their domestic workers in a series of questions on how well they know their children. What emerged from their answers was the fact that mums were getting the answers wrong while their domestic workers appeared to know their children better. This little quiz appeared to outshine the video’s message – that domestic workers should get their day off and mothers should spend more time with their children.

Now, most will agree it is perfectly good that domestic workers should be given their weekly day off. After all, they need their own leisure and recuperation time. But what some saw was a video that shamed mothers and was sexist for not including fathers. Another missing group mentioned by HOME are the single working mothers. This is but the start to a never-ending list of segments of society that were left out.

While it’s great that some people here are progressive, it becomes a problem when one begins to force others into adopting their same progressive attitude. Just as one has the freedom to believe in what one wants to, one should respect others’ freedom to do the same.

Personally, I believe the video did bring out its message in some way but I do see where the complaints are coming from, especially with regard to shaming mothers. So in the end, does the end justify the means? Maybe it doesn’t but is it really possible to be all-inclusive to the point of never missing out a group?