Our former President Mr SR Nathan suffered a stroke earlier this month and was hospitalised. According to his family, Mr Nathan is recovering well and is undergoing therapy. We wish him all the best.

Since PM described Mr Nathan as a fighter, we decided to share some interesting information about Mr Nathan from his earlier days.

1) Laju Incident: Many people in Singapore know about this right? Mr Nathan led a party of ‘guarantors’ and accompanied some hijackers on a flight to the Middle East, as an exchange for three hostages. That’s some badassery right there, since the hijackers had submachine guns and explosives with them.

2) Security and Intelligence Division: Mr SR Nathan led the party of guarantors when he was the director of Singapore’s Security and Intelligence Division – a highly secretive intelligence agency in Singapore. In short, Mr SR Nathan was our top secret agent for eight years!

3) Larry King interview: Mr SR Nathan was the Singapore ambassador at the the height of the Michael Fay incident. You know, the one where some American kid vandalised cars in Singapore and was surprised to find that he wasn’t above the law? And then put on a song and dance when he was caned for his crime? Yeah, Mr SR Nathan went on a national ‘live’ talkshow and defended Singapore’s laws.

4) President’s Challenge: He was also the one who started the President’s Challenge, based on his belief that Singapore can become a compassionate nation. They have raised more than $100 million for over 500 beneficiaries since then.

5) Author: After his retirement, Mr SR Nathan became an author and went into children’s literature with his book ‘The Crane and the Crab’. Published by Epigram Books, the book talks about the plans a crane and a crab have for a drying pond.

Sounds like Mr Nathan was not just a fighter afterall. Let’s hope Mr Nathan recovers soon and share more stories from his younger days!