Today, I spend some time catching up on my favourite set of blogs. One post stood out for me and obviously I spent a while thinking about how very astute the author is. In case you missed it, here’s a breakdown of this tale of world domination.

1) The PAP now controls international organisations such as FIFA

According to the blog, the PAP owns all essential services and because of this, they are able to increase the prices of everything at their “whims and fancies”. And I quote “this is why the PAP had the audacity to increase subscription for the FIFA World Cup by 600% since 2006 because they get to – because they think: who’s going to stop them?” The last time I checked it was FIFA that demanded SingTel pay $40 million for the TV rights to the World Cup games. Hence, it must mean that the PAP controls FIFA. Is Sepp Blatter’s surname actually Lee in disguise?


2) The PAP actually owns most companies in the world

Okay, so in addition to international organisations, today I learnt that our ruling party actually owns the big companies you see in Singapore such as Samsung, Apple, Shell amongst many others. That is of course because 100% of your wages goes to the PAP. So that new iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge you just bought, it went to the PAP. That wagyu beef steak and soft-shell crab you just ate, thank the PAP for it because they own the firms that brought it to you. This is further supported by “Chart 57”. I suppose we should all be proud of the PAP. For them to now control all the major international firms in Singapore is a feat unmatched by most countries. Here’s a salute to them.


3) The PAP does not spend on healthcare, CPF and HDB

I figure this is true too. “The PAP doesn’t spend a single cent on healthcare, CPF and HDB.” Afterall, I see the Government spending on these things but I do not see the PAP digging into their pockets to do the same. But I don’t think it’s too farfetched to believe that the opposition parties would be doing likewise even if they were elected. It’s probably a bit expensive for a single political party to pay for healthcare, CPF and HDB for an entire country. In the end, I think most of the funds will come from the Government but since they operate using a balanced budget system where taxes collected ends up either as reserves or spent on “healthcare, CPF and HDB”.

Now, remember, Goldman Sachs might rule the world… but guess who owns Goldman Sachs? 🙂

pictures courtesy of pbworks and daily mail