A cow was spotted at a Singapore void deck, apparently moo-andering around. It was an udder surprise for the person who took the photo, but luckily the cow was not jerky at all.

Sorry, these puns could last till the cows come home but we need to moo-ve along with the story.


Sorry, once again.

Anyway, there’s a perfectly legitimate reason for the cow to be there.

Some people apparently hire cows for their housewarming, because our bovine friends will bring good luck and blessings to their new homes. This ceremony includes letting the cow enter and walk around the house, prayers, and feeding the cow milk and grass. Even better if the cow decides to take a dump in the house!

Such traditions are rare in Singapore, but quite popular back in India.

We think this is one great way to immediately bond with your new neighbours because, seriously, it’s a cow! How often do we get to see that in urban Singapore?

What do you think?