The June holidays are fast approaching and you might be wondering where to go for a holiday trip. Well, the Free Republic of Liberland would probably welcome you. The newly established Free Republic of Liberland lies on the western bank of the Danube river between Croatia and Serbia. According to wikipedia, Liberland was established on 13 Apr and is a mere 7 km2 (they claim to be the third smallest state after the Vatican and Monaco).

Imagine lying on its pristine beaches watching the sunset and reading a copy of The Notebook or some other great novel.


And in case you’re wondering, applications seem to be open for citizenship (provided you are not a communist, nazi or extremist. And while you’re considering, here’s a link to the photo album of what is apparently the world’s newest state.

So will you be joining the reported thousands in applying for citizenship in Liberland? And what do you think residents of Liberland will call themselves? Liberians? Liberlandians? Libereans?

 Picture from Liberland’s FB page