Yesterday, a Canadian man was fined $600 for entering the SMRT train driver’s cabin and entering the cabin. Peter Anthony Kampos boarded the train during the evening peak hour and opened the driver’s cabin in order to get away from the crowd. Another passenger noticed Kampos entering the cabin and pressed the emergency communication button. Kampos was later arrested by the police.

What the heck was Mr Kampos thinking when he decided to attempt to open the driver’s cabin.

I’m pretty sure that all of our train’s emergency panel warn of high fines for misuse, especially due to security considerations. Lax security can open the doors to potential terror attacks and such cases should be taken seriously.

In addition, crowded trains and platforms during the peak hours are commonplace in most developed cities in the world. London and New York are pretty good examples of this. It really shouldn’t be too surprising that Singapore’s trains are also crowded during the peak hours.

crowdednyc“I was trying to get away from the crowd” – Mr Kampos

Do you think people even take the signs and instructions in the trains seriously?

What if there were more frequent train delays as a result of people like Mr Kampos . We can spend billions of dollars to improve our train’s efficiency. All you need is one Mr Kampos to cock it up.

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