Have you ever stood at a bus stop wondering whether there’s space in the next bus for you to sit or stand? Well, LTA’s smartphone app MyTransport.SG has been updated to provide more real-time information. Besides the standard bus arrival timings, it now includes the space availability on arriving buses.

The app will show up colour-coded information depending on how much seating or standing space there is on the bus. Green will mean seats are available, yellow for standing space is available and red meaning there is limited standing area. This information will also be available to third-party app developers.

This is obviously a great move by LTA. Less brainpower will be used deciding whether one can get on the next bus or should take a cab instead. However, one criticism of the app is its accuracy is unknown. Let’s hope that it doesn’t show up with a green indicator when the bus is packed to the brim.

So are you going to be using the new real-time bus information?