In recent years, every socio-political debate seems to have a similar ending. If you are supportive of a single policy of the ruling party, you will be labelled as an “IB” amongst other things on social media. Does Singapore really have no middle ground where one can criticise the incumbent government at times but support their policies at other times? Or has rationality gone out the window?

Since GE2011, several names have sprung up in the socio-political sphere. Names like Han Hui Hui, CPF hero Roy Ngerng and vigilante-by-night M Ravi have become commonplace on the various alternative media platforms. The Real Singapore and its foreign owners have also gained popularity amongst some Singaporeans but all of them and their insecurities have left the socio-political stage seemingly divided into two factions – the “anything but PAP” group versus everyone else.

With the advent of the new “anything but the PAP” crew, an unwanted consequence is those that were previously considered pro-opposition have instead been ostracised and pushed off to the middle. The events of the infamous “hecklegate” in Hong Lim Park have only further split the landscape.

Fact is there are people who fall in-between the extreme left and right but with our alternative media labelling the middle-dwellers as part of the ruling party’s supporters, most moderates are speaking up less. Perhaps what Singapore needs is for people to be a little bit more rational. Not everyone who supports a PAP policy is pro-PAP. Many moderates just want the best for the country and party doesn’t matter here.