Mr Lee Kuan Yew is trending in his critically ill condition. I find juxtaposition in the meaning of that sentence.

91 Years of life documents how he never backs down on challenges and has stood his ground on principles.

His 91 quotes  that you either love him or hate him here (Source: Mothership)

Today, on his ‘death bed’ he fights some more.

A battle against a failing respiratory system. A battle against old age. A battle against death.

At the end of the day, what have I got? A successful Singapore. What have I given up? My life.”  – LKY. Hard Truth

lee 1

Mr Lee, we have never met. I only get to know you through books, the internet and the tales that people tell.

You must be one hell of a man. To build Singapore from a fishing village and lead her to where she is now. A successful metropolitan city.

I have never met my grand father either. He died when I was a child. I got to know him through the tales my father told me. He worked hard and sacrificed everything for the family. His ideals shaped my father who in turn shaped me.

Mr Lee, like my grandfather, you are both hailed as heroes. My father always reminds me that he always tries his best to be half the man my grandfather was.

I think, as you lay critically ill on you death bed. That is the though of all Singapreans too. That they are afraid that they will not be half the man that you were.

We will try though. The Singapore flag will fly high.

For the sake of our children and our children’s children.

We will ensure that they too will say the same about us in 50 years time.

We will fight. We will built. We will be better.