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SG50 – A Special Holiday for All

The weekend just got better.

Aug 7 has been declared a national holiday in Singapore. (Note: For this year only)

“I am pleased to declare Aug 7 2015 a public holiday. This will make Aug 7 to 10 a long weekend for all of us to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday,” – Dr Tan (President of Singapore.)

Singaporeans of all ages and races rejoice and throw fist pumps in the air.


Just when Singaporeans thought that they have heard about all the rebates and subsidies during the Government Budget announcement last week, the Government decided to throw a surprise at the end of all the surprises.

The Government must have done a poll to know that there is something that Singaporeans love more than money.

Public Holiday.

It will be an extra-long weekend.

Singapore Happiness index immediately reach an all-time high.

radioactive happiness face faces

It is not surprising that many Singaporeans has already made plans for a short getaway overseas. Why stay in Singapore where everywhere will be crowded anyways?

Mdm Halimah Yacob was quick to urge Singaporeans to stay in Singapore during the long weekend and celebrate the special milestone together with the rest of the other Singaporeans at home.

The committee has arranged numerous special activities with us in mind.

(See here for details)


Sure, the roads will be congested; and public spaces such as parks will probably be filled with screaming kids and their strollers. Even the hot and humid weather is a turn off.

No matter.

Singapore gets to celebrate her 50th birthday this year not by chance or luck but by design and perseverance.

She is here today because of the blood and sweat  of our pioneers, who had stayed and fought, jostled and hustled for progress and a better Singapore.

The SG50 holiday is more than just a long weekend to Singaporeans.

It is a celebration of progress. It is a celebration of history. It is a celebration of our future.

We will enjoy the break make no doubt about it.

But we will be at home with our loved ones.

Who else should we have counted on, to wave the Singapore Flag, on her special day.

Majulah Singapura.


Source: SG50 Official website, CNA,

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