Here’s my take on the top 5 things we learnt about the Apple Watch and some of the best tweets and posts describing them.

  1. An “all-day” battery life of 18 hours

The Apple Watch will have a battery life of 18 hours, which is supposed to be enough for you to last the day. That obviously depends on your definition of “all-day” and I certainly hope it actually lasts 18 hours for you.

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2. An 18-carat gold version

Now, who would not want an 18-carat gold Apple Watch? Not only does it make you the centre of attention of your neighbourhood, village and town but it brings you the added attention of every thief on the block. I guess there’s some benefit to this: you’d be getting more exercise running around from muggers.


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3. It’s also a hotel key

So, the Apple Watch can act as a hotel key. All you need to do is check in from your watch and you can tap your watch at the door to enter. Well, we know one group of people that will benefit from this.



4. It has numerous health and fitness features

The Apple Watch will come with the usual bunch of features and the new Activity app can monitor your daily activity. It’ll measure how many calories you’ve burnt, how much brisk activity you’ve done and how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. At the Apple Watch reveal, they also showed US celebrity Christy Turlington Burns running a marathon with the Apple Watch.


Source: reddit

5. The stock market loves it (well, not quite)


Source: Google Finance

Right after the announcement of the Apple Watch, the Apple stock (NASDAQ: AAPL) fell US$4 from its day high of US$129.57. I guess maybe the shareholders did not love the Apple Watch as much as the rest of us…