Sorry for getting you all excited, people! The S-League wardrobe malfunction is not what it sounds like. It was, sadly, a simple case of the referees wearing the wrong colour.


This gabra apparently caused one team’s players to keep passing the ball to the referees, and it was also so bad that the referees had no choice but to change into the S-League’s 20th anniversary T-shirt.

Which raises the question – after 20 years of experience, why is S-League still making such silly errors?

Other leagues like the English Premier League are complaining about the standard of refereeing, but the S-League can’t even get their clothes right!

No wonder people call S-League the ‘ass-league’, and our standard of football is so sad.

We hope that the Singapore gahmen, when trying to look for sports trophies, remember the basics like wearing the right clothes. Especially since the SEA Games is right around the corner.