There has been a perennial debate on whether or not to Tuition. Does it add too much pressure? Should children have more time to pursue other interests? Does this really help development?

Most mothers still send their children to all the tuition they can afford because that must mean confirm good grades.


I am not ashamed to say it. I have benefited from Asian moms (sounds wrong when I say it like this)

30 an hour

Tuition helped me get through university. It didn’t pay for drinks at Zouk but hey, I could take a cab home without shame. It was the best part time job that one could have. Money given to you to watch work being done. Is there anything better? I say not.

Some people like it so much that it became their first jobs after graduation. Some go further by running full Tuition Agencies with absurd names like Mind Stretcher.

So to tuition or not? I choose Tuition.


Asian son.